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  • Nursing is often considered the recession proof career.
    While it is possible to lessen in many areas of life when the economy moves south, medical care is not one of these areas.
    Whether you have lots of money or very little, you still
    get ill, or you may get wounded. This makes visiting a hospital or doctor essential.
    Very few people stop to think about medical bills before browsing hospital
    in the case of an emergency.

    Medical careers in general, and nursing staff in particular, are growing for a price that is quicker than most other professions.
    The need for health care employees is across the board,
    with a growing demand in hospitals, long
    lasting care facilities, home health care agencies and physicians offices.
    Nurses are also employed in other configurations, such as community health departments, schools
    and as telephone consultants for managed care providers.

    Growing needs for health care

    One of the factors in the need for more nurses is your aging population. The baby boomer population, the
    greatest in our country’s history, is getting older, as well as in growing need of health care.
    More mature patients have different needs than younger ones.
    This will likely lead to a growing demand for
    nurses that are willing to operate the long lasting care setting as well as nurses that work
    in home health-related.

    Another consideration in the aging population is skyrocketing medical costs.
    While advancements in medical care mean that many conditions can be treated more successfully as compared to
    past years, technology provides a price. Patients are spending less
    time than ever in the hospital. Once their condition is handled,
    they are released to a nursing facility or their home. In the past, many home
    health agencies employed LPNs or nurse’s aides to see their
    in home patients. With the increased medical requirements and need for training, registered nurses are becoming a popular addition to
    many home health firms rosters.

    Recession-proof yourself

    While nursing is one of the very most recession proof careers you might chose, there are
    many people who have nursing degrees that are unemployed.
    Some of these people are certainly not working by choice, and others may well not be able to find a job
    in their area, or the salary is not high enough to justify hiring a babysitter.

    For some others, the only jobs available may require shift
    work, which some individuals are not thinking about whatsoever.

    To best position yourself for the growing requirement of nurses, and make
    sure that you are recession proof, take some proactive steps.

    Invest in a bachelor degree. Despite the fact that you can become an RN with an associate’s degree,
    and you will still be an RN once you complete your bachelor degree,
    it is very useful and beneficial to your career. Many healthcare settings require
    anyone in management to have a four yr degree,
    and you will definitely need it if you would like
    to pursue a health professional practitioner degree.

    Look at a doctor practitioner program. Many private hospitals
    offer tuition reimbursement, so pursuing a graduate degree is surprisingly affordable.

    As healthcare needs continue to grow, nurse practitioners, who can diagnose, treat and prescribe, just like a doctor, are becoming significantly in demand.

    Specialize. Whatever area you work in, or want to work in, consider a specialization program.

    Take continuing education in emergency care, pediatrics or any other field you work in. The point is, be an expert.

    Socialize. Get to know nurses at other proper
    care facilities. There are more job opportunities for nurses than you would ever guess.
    In case you find yourself on the look for a job, networking is the fastest way to find a new position.

    Understand that recession proof does not mean lucrative.
    Although the salary levels for nursing today is strong, there is no guarantee that it is going to remain that way.
    Since hospitals search for ways to cut costs, there are only so
    many ends to trim. At some time salaries and hours may be cut, and a nurse’s patient load may increase.
    If this happens, the job becomes definitely more stressful.

    Finding a Stability

    Because of the demand for nurses, many in this profession work long hours in multiple opportunities.
    For every day positions are lucrative for the nurse who wants to
    stay home with her children, but desires and take note cash.
    Because more people realize the job security made available from medical,
    it is expected that more people will choose this a career.
    What is currently unknown is if the supply will keep plan the demand.

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